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Buffer Bar

Bonjour les gars,

Buffer bar exploded

Buffer bar exploded

we’ve got progress, slow but steady. Today I attacked the buffer bar. This piece is going to be quite prominent and will add to the loco’s distinctive shape, so I’d like to give it the most realistic look possible. Plus I have to be able to disassemble it whenever I have to work on the frame.
I tried some options but couldn’t think of an ideal solution.

Designing the Saddle

Hello folks,

Saddle - First Try

Saddle – First Try

the last weeks I’ve been strechted pretty thin between my girlfriend, our kittens and deadlines at work. However, yesterday evening I managed to squeeze in half an hour of SketchUp modeling, followed by another hour just until now.
I’m working on the connecting frame between the cylinders and the smokebox – help me out here, how is this part called? thanks to Wallace from the forums I now know that this part is called the “smokebox saddle”.