Model Flight

Here, I’ve got a summary on my flying activities. If you want to get a quick overview, then you’ll find here my models’ profiles and my piloting CV.

Current models

Currently, I own four models, a fifth is in planning.

EasyGlider 4

How clean this foamie was once upon a time...

I bought the EasyGlider 4 by Multiplex as a comeback-model in August 2018. The good thing had to overcome my first beginner’s mistakes and by now its skin tells a long and colourful story. As of January 2023, my EasyGlider has worked through 138 flying hours and a good 1.200 landings and helped me regain my old flying abilities.

With its 180 cm of wingspan and the sturdy Elapor structure, while only having a takeoff-weight of 1.100 g, it’s my trusted after hours plane, a good allrounder, which I’ve pushed to visual limit in thermal soaring, and shooed through the wildest caprioles above coastal cliffs. In order to comply to the legal regulations which are by now quite restrictive, especially concerning maximum flying altitude, I’ve added a variometer / altimeter module in spring 2020.

In January 2023 flaps were added, test flights will come soon.

Infinity (and Beyond)

The repaired Infinity before the Maiden Flight.

Since 2021 regulations for R/C flying have been stepped up in France: take-off weight above 800g makes an active transponder mandatory. Those gadgets aren’t exactly on the cheap end, so I came up with the idea to purchase a used model dedicated for slope soaring at the cliffs. The Infinity was saved from scrapping in April 2022 for 40 €, although in deplorable state, repaired and trimmed down to a take-off weight of 799 grammes.

The Re-Maiden Flight could already take place two weeks later and in August it was present during a visit at my parents’ in Brittany. Quite a nice model for slope soaring and speeding, rather weak in thermals. And my first V-tailed model, which I still need to master.


After successfull test flight.

This lively little biplane has been scratch-built with a lot of interruptions. The first idea came to me in spring 2019, I started in earnest at the end of that year. To me, the Joyrider is foremost a test of character: Can and do I want to scratch-build a model? I’ve recorded it’s genesis from the start of the construction report until the maiden flight on my website.

The Joyrider uses the same engine system as the EasyGlider, so I can swap spare parts between both planes. With a wing span of 70 cm and a takeoff-weight of merely 800 g, it’s got plenty of power and easily rates as quite a snappy aerobatic aircraft.

Due to some issues with the centre of gravity the Joyrider unfortunately had to absorb some crashes and right now is waiting for repairs.


Ready for maiden flight.

For some time I’ve toyed with the idea of getting a pure glider without propulsion. But since I’m flying alone most of the time, aerotow is no option. And hi-start needs a lot of space and effort.

So I was simply delighted when I stumbled over the concept of Discus-Launch-Gliders. After some to-and-fro I settled on a wood/CF-mixed kit. Construction startet in April 2022 and the Maiden Flight occured in June.

Prior Models

Varta Fly

My first model aircraft.

I purchased my first model aircraft in the late 1990s: A Varta Fly by Robbe. Designed as a two-axis soaring plane with electric power, it served me to teach myself flying on our neighbour’s meadow.  I even managed some thermal soarings.

Unfortunately I haven’t got the Varta Fly any more. Just as the Taxi III it was damaged beyond salvage by a water damage in our cellar.

Taxi III

Flying over the meadows.

I got my second model in the early 2000s: a Taxi III by Graupner, an almost-ready-to-fly model with electric power. Being a 3-axis-trainer with a wing span of 140 cm, it offered some new possibilites and among other things I added a tow coupling to tow banners. Unfortunately, I wasn’t very lucky with this model, it had to spend a lot of time in the workshop.

After patiently waiting for better times in the cellar, it was ruined beyond redemption by the same water damage which destroyed my Varta Fly.