Steam Locomotives

No.1: Porter

In the beginning, there was a small “Casey” from LGB’s Toy Train product line. The little loco has seen a lot of changes. Starting with a conversion to battery power…

…to a dedicated tender…

…to an extension of the boiler with a second saddle tank of a Rusty.

Here’s the current state of affairs:

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Dewes Bros. (construction paused)

In 2014, when I began to focus on model railways again, my wish for a scratch-build was big. Very little did I know about what I was getting into. My specimen of choice was this rather peculiar one with oscillating cylinders.

Since then, I’ve spent a lot of time with 3D planning software in order to build diagrams of the loco. I also spent some time and money to start the construction.

Suspension Long Shot.
Suspension Long Shot.

Further development of the planning and the actual construction is suspended and will remain for a long while. Nevertheless, I’m not giving up on this project and hopefully I will be able to complete her one day.


Smokebox saddle and wheelsets.
Smokebox saddle and wheelsets.

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