What’s New?

Finally, there’s some progress to report. After a long interruption and some changes I’m back.

Let’s briefly graze the essentials: due to a move I relocated everything concerning my model railway to my father’s and a good friend’s of mine. Only my oldest LGB loco, a Stainz, is at my place and awaits reconfiguration as an accu-powered R/C loco.

The model aircraft flying had to lie dormant for a long time, too, but now I’m active again. I shelved building the Ka8b because I simply lack the time to cut every piece by hand. The existing parts are stored and it’s quite possible that I will continue the build. However it’s very unlikely to happen this year.

Instead, I purchased a small DLG kit.

New Construction Report: Ka8b

A prototypical Ka8b, the D-5727. Source: Wikimedia Foundation.

Today, I’d like to announce my new model aircraft building project: A Schleicher K 8b (or short: Ka8b) on a scale of 1 : 5.

She’s a one-seater soaring plane from the 1950s, and due to her simple, but rugged construction she’s still in service today, especially suitable for beginners making their first solo flights.
That sound a bit like me, doesn’t it…