Multilingual Site

For some time I have tried to present this site in german as well as in english. That proved to be quite cumbersome, because on the one hand I had no proper way to structure the contents, and on the other hand I couldn’t link two language versions of the same content.

Because of that I have only posted in german for some months. However, I’ve got some feedback recently from english-speaking visitors, so I’d like to put some effort in keeping this site multilingual. This time I will try a plugin. This post is the first test with said plugin, namely Polylang.

Update August 7th: The existing posts are now linked with each other and can switched between german and english language via the flag symbol at the top.

There is still plenty left to do, namely Tags and a number of posts that have to be translated.

Update August 11th: Taxonomy is translated.

Porter: Conversion to Battery Power

Porter Lok zerlegt für Umbau

Porter loco disassembled for conversion

Now that the tender’s basic construction is finished, I wanted to achieve operational readiness. That required the porter loco to get converted from rail to battery power. The most important thing to keep in mind is to insulate the loco’s circuits from the rails in order to avoid “supplying” the rails with the battery’s current. Only then one is completely independent from other loco’s and can really enjoy the advantages of battery power.

Porter Tender: Blueprints

After the basic requirements regarding the dimensions were cleared, an extensive online Image research took place. Apparently, opinions are divided whether a model Porter with a tender is a prototypical sight. Fortunately, I can avoid this topic altogether because I’m not going to model an explicit prototype. Instead, I’ll experiment with different themes and decide on a case-by-case basis whether and to what extend I’ll let the prototype reign supreme or just get some inspiration for my own creations.

New Construction Report: Porter on Battery Power

Since last September I’ve worked on a project, which I’d like to present now. It’s about a small Portor steam locomotive by LGB, which I want to switch over to battery that is accumulator power, controlled by R/C. At a later time I’d also like to adapt the looks.

Tender Mockup made of paper

Tender Mockup made of paper

This loco is supposed to make the starting point for my own garden railway, hopefully within this year. September and October were spent with some experiments to place all the necessary components within the locomotive. Alas, I had to take away too much of the lead ballast, so the loco wasn’t able to transmit its motive power to the rails.

Road to the Prime Lens

Over the past few weeks I’ve spent more time using my camera. In the same time a good friend of my came up with the wish to buy himself a new lens for hiw own camera. He wants an 18-200 zoom to have on the camera most of the time.

When you’re looking up optical performances, prices and functionality for somebody else, you’re inevitably starting to think about your own material. Now I’m wondering: What do I want to achieve with my photos?

Since I don’t have money to waste and I dislike to buy on the first notion, I’ve set up a little challenge for myself, including a goal:

He who takes a picture of 35mm focal length every day and still has fun doing so after 100 pictures, may buy himself a 35mm lens.

What about this silly line?

  1. I’d like to take photos regularly. Practice, practice, practice.
  2. I want to know whether a prime lens suits me better than a zoom.
  3. I need the time (slightly more than three months) to save up enough money for a decent lens.

Nikon AF-S DX 35mm 1:1,8G
(Copyright Nikon)

So from now on, every day I’m going to set my kit zoom (18-55mm) to 35mm focal length, choose a motive and try to take the best picture I can.

And since for some reason (that I absolutely don’t understand) one tends to be more focused when there’s a goal to pursue, at the end of the road there beckons a  35mm prime lens.

By the way: I chose this specific lens because of a recommendation found at