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  • What’s New?

    Finally, there’s some progress to report. After a long interruption and some changes I’m back. Let’s briefly graze the essentials: due to a move I relocated everything concerning my model railway to my father’s and a good friend’s of mine. Only my oldest LGB loco, a Stainz, is at my place and awaits reconfiguration as […]

  • New Construction Report: Ka8b

    New Construction Report: Ka8b

    Today, I’d like to announce my new model aircraft building project: A Schleicher K 8b (or short: Ka8b) on a scale of 1 : 5. She’s a one-seater soaring plane from the 1950s, and due to her simple, but rugged construction she’s still in service today, especially suitable for beginners making their first solo flights. […]

  • Thermy 4: Project Cancelled

    Sorry for the lack of updates. Today I’d like to announce that the project “semiscale-soaring plane based on Thermy 4” is cancelled. With this project, I overstretched myself (again). The initial idea of a modified nose grew into a complete redesign of the fuselage… and the wings would benefit from some changes as well… I’m […]

  • Joyrider: Banner Towing

    Joyrider: Banner Towing

    A friend of mine visited on the weekend to get an opportunity for his son and himself to practice some R/C aircraft piloting. Needless to say, the prospect of having some interested folks around spurred me into getting the Joyrider into tip-top shape… and it gave me the opportunity to try and fulfil one of […]

  • Thermy 4: Planning the Fuselage

    Thermy 4: Planning the Fuselage

    After drafting a first version of the nose, there’s work to do on the fuselage. So this week, it’s going to be a lot of frames to draw.

  • Joyrider: Taking Stock

    Joyrider: Taking Stock

    Since the Maiden Flight during Summer last year, the Joyrider has spent about one and a half hours in the air, while spending up to eight hours in the workshop and the rest of the time on shelf. It has been a rough ride, with many setbacks. However there’s a happy ending. Today, I’d like […]

  • Thermy 4: Planning the Nose

    Thermy 4: Planning the Nose

    Based on the design variations, I’m moving on to the actual planning and start to blueprint the nose. If possible, it is supposed to give the aircraft a semiscale appearance and that means I basically have to start from scratch. In order to create parts repetitively and precisely, the blueprinting is going to be computer-assisted. […]

  • Workshop: Building Boards for the Thermy 4

    Workshop: Building Boards for the Thermy 4

    In order to build the Thermy 4 I will need building boards, which are in widespread use with model aircraft builders. They serve two purposes: First they are supposed to provide an absolutely even surface because most workbenches sag over time, which means one can’t build really straight wings or fuselages on top of them. […]

  • Thermy 4: Design Modifications

    As already mentioned at the start of the construction report, I’d cast an intermediary eye on the Lentus Thermik by Multiplex. I especially like its semi-scale appearance, that gives it a similar look as modern soaring planes. Most notably the bulbous nose and the T-shaped tailplane are spectacular and provide a great silhouette during flight.

  • Thermy 4: Make a Wish!

    Since I’ve braced up and actually want to build the Thermy 4, I want to begin with getting clear about one thing: What do I actually want? The question isn’t quite as trivial as one might think. I’m planning big on this airplane. That is, I want to incorporate as many features and wishes as […]