Update on Second Sketch

Fellow railroad-line.com forums member Thayer and others had a thorough look at my second sketch and out came a very good revision which is going to help me a lot with the actual drawings. Thayer…

Thayer’s revision on my second sketch
  • shortened boiler to bring drivers closer together
  • stretched smoke box slightly
  • raised footplate and everything below it to close gap between driver and leaf springs.
  • changed shape of stack flare
  • added sill under cab windows
  • squished wood siding on cab
  • reshaped cab roof bracket
  • raised plumbing entry to cab from boiler
  • increased width of fwd buffer beam
  • changed angle on buffer brace
  • squared off fwd corner of tender and rolled side in
  • moved trailing truck fwd

Thanks a lot for the support, mate!!

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