Buffer Bar

Bonjour les gars,

Buffer bar exploded
Buffer bar exploded

we’ve got progress, slow but steady. Today I attacked the buffer bar. This piece is going to be quite prominent and will add to the loco’s distinctive shape, so I’d like to give it the most realistic look possible. Plus I have to be able to disassemble it whenever I have to work on the frame.
I tried some options but couldn’t think of an ideal solution. So I more or less copied the prototype’s construction. The L-shaped brass sheet would be brazed to the frame and the buffer bar would be secured by threaded rods and nuts.
I’m sure this would make a solid construction, however it means unscrewing 8 nuts in the front and 8 nuts in the rear whenever I want to disassemble the model. On the other hand i can’t think of an alternative construction-wise. The space between the main frame bars has to be kept clear because it’s reserved to the coupler.

Any ideas? Or should I just stick with this?

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