Reconstructing the Saddle

Hello everyone,

Saddle reconstructed
Saddle reconstructed

I’m still around, though things have changed. Quit my job and found me a new one that actually leaves me some spare time. Last week I contacted Regner Dampftechnik Company in order to check up on the wheels. It seems I can expect them to arrive in late June or early July. In the meantime I took on Wallace’s advice and reconstructed the saddle. This first image shows what I’ve got so far.


Saddle reconstructed - exploded view
Saddle reconstructed – exploded view

And the second image shows the parts in the exploded view. As the images hopefully show I plan to secure the saddle with a bottom plate and fasten it with two screws against the main frame. As always I’m looking forward to any kind and form of feedback. And I do hope that I’ll be able to get some actual construction done in the near future.

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