Correcting the Frame

Why do I always notice such things afterwards? There I was, building the smoke saddle with trouble and care, brazing the bracket to the frame, attaching crossbeams… and then the bracket is misplaced and the whole saddle sits lopsided on the frame! -___-

As frustrating as such a thing can be, it also means that I get the chance to gain some much-needed practice at brazing. So, off goes the saddle, the frame gets disassembled, the culprit gets removed with the help of the torch and here we go again. The result (achieved between the second and fourth attempt) does look significantly better.

Two things I did learn: First, control marks on the frame are priceless and second, my little Proxxon torch is utterly overtaxed with the heat demands of the frame beams. Because of that I ordered a bigger torch with a flexible hose. As soon as that one arrives, I will continue with the frame.

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