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Filing down the axle's diameter
Filing down the axle’s diameter

reshaping the cylinders is taking some time, pictures will follow. In the meantime, I could actually spent some time at the workshop.
I don’t own a lathe, so I took on the trailing wheel with a file and a plan: since this particular wheelset can’t be disassembled, I’m trying to build a vice-like bearing. I aimed for reducing the axis’ diameter from 5 mm down to 3.5 mm with a 1/10th mm tolerance (that’s 1/256th inch).

So far I’m quite happy. As the next step I’m going to construct the bearing. I’m going to use two sheets of copper, as wide as the filed section and as thick as the reduced diameter, clamp them together and drill a hole right through the middle. If I can pull it off, I should be able to trap the axis inside this vice. Since copper is softer than brass, the axis should not be subject to weardown, while the bearing halves should be quite easily replaceable.

Now, that’s my idea and as you can see I already jumped at it. Since I spent less than 10,- $ on this wheelset, I’m asking for merciless criticism: Do you think that this solution is going to work? Do you have other suggestions? Are there better ways? Thanks for any feedback!

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