Trailing Wheel Revision

Hello everyone,

here’s what happened the last few days.
First off, I constructed a simple tablet-like working space, so I can work on small parts in the living room without having to clean up everything afterwards. In the future I will saw new parts in the workshop, then take the half-finished parts and the fine tools to the living room, combining the best of both worlds, so to speak.

Meanwhile, I feel quite silly. I’ve had the feeling for some time that something was off with my trailing wheelset. Two days ago, I held it to the hand-drawn diagrams and immediately realized: its diameter is too small! What happened? I accidently ordered a 20mm wheelset instead of a 30m wheelset and completely forgot to double-check the part against the diagram.
I’m solacing myself with the notion that this was after all a pretty good rehearsal for the actual construction and I didn’t spend too much on it – less than 10 USD if I recycle all threaded rods, which I will most likely do.

I’ve already ordered another wheelset (this time with the right diameter ) and hope that it will arrive within the next 10 days. On top of that, Regner Company has finally managed to ship out the driver wheelsets. They weren’t able to do the custom painting, so I will have to do that myself, but that’s fine. All in all, I’m content.

So, what’s next? First off, I’ve paused at the SketchUp side of this project and I’m focusing on constructing small, easy parts. This serves both to get back into business, refresh those few skills I actually have and – most important of all – have some fun building stuff.

I don’t think I will find much time until the weekend, but I’ll keep you posted as soon as there’s something to be posted.

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