Thermy 4: Project Cancelled

Sorry for the lack of updates. Today I’d like to announce that the project “semiscale-soaring plane based on Thermy 4” is cancelled.

With this project, I overstretched myself (again). The initial idea of a modified nose grew into a complete redesign of the fuselage… and the wings would benefit from some changes as well… I’m staying true to myself in tackling too big plans entirely too fast. The constant reader might remember my thoughts on new hobby priorities.

The fact is that I’m only starting to learn model aircraft construction. The Joyrider does well, but she suffers from design flaws because she was built planless by all accounts. And I really should build a proved soaring plane before trying to design one by myself.

As a repentant sinner I’ve chosen a new project as compensation. More on that shortly.

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