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  • Joyrider: Linkage

    Joyrider: Linkage

    As soon as the tailplane’s servos fitting-out was done I busied myself with the linkage. To start off with, I made a few errors which had to be corrected. I will describe those errors as well as the solutions, so perhaps somebody can learn from my mistakes. Since I’m not too sure what forces I […]

  • Joyrider: Fitting the Servos

    Joyrider: Fitting the Servos

    Fitting the engine has sent my motivation soaring, so to speak. So I launched myself at fiting the servos. Alas, I soon realized that my “planless” construction made my life a tad more difficult. In order to soundly fit the servos, the fuselage has to be reinforced and strutted. I had partially anticipated this and […]