Drawing the Side View

Thayer from the railroad-line forums did such a good job at tweaking my second sketch that I now feel confident enough to start on the blueprints. Thanks again, Thayer! So, I omitted drawing the third sketch and just went at it:

Historic Researches on Dewey Bros. Loco

Since I stumbled on a picture of a Dewey Bros. 0-4-2T, I’ve fallen in love with this little engine. My first encounter happened during a Google picture search for industrial steam locomotives. This particular image came from a book written by Angus Sinclair in 1907: Development of the locomotive engine, where it served as an… Continue reading Historic Researches on Dewey Bros. Loco

Second Sketch

For this second sketch, I followed the advice from Bernd, a fellow member at the railroad-line.com forums and drew from the right to the left, starting with the rear wheel. That felt STRANGE. This time I used a straight 1/20.32 scale ruler and a bigger sheet of paper.

At the Model Railroad Exhibition Cologne 2014

On Saturday, I visited the 31st International Model Railroad Exhibition at Cologne, which took place alonside the 8th Cologne’s Live-Steam Meeting. Looking around, I got some very nice impressions. I had three things in mind: Buy a soldering torch and brazing solder, look for a machine vice and get drivers for the Dewey. No luck… Continue reading At the Model Railroad Exhibition Cologne 2014