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  • Flatcars Prototype: Lessons Learned from the Operation Session

    Flatcars Prototype: Lessons Learned from the Operation Session

    Our Summer Operation Session was a lot of fun, but most of all it was informative. I learned three very important lessons concerning my flatcars: Frame-mounted couplers need large radii Bogies need clearance for operational reliability Bogie-mounted couplers increase reliabilty

  • Summer Operation Session 2020

    Summer Operation Session 2020

    This operation session was scheduled rather spontaneously and spurred me into building a prototype for a flatcar. Accordingly, I was quite expectant concerning the experience I’d gain with the new waggon. Since we only had a relatively short time for operations and I was preoccupied with test runs, there are only a few pictures. In […]

  • Bogies: Prototype

    Bogies: Prototype

    As I’ve already described, I’d like to build a consistent set of waggons to build a short train for my porter loco.  Of course, that entails waggons. Which run on bogies. Turns out, it’s not that easy to find suitable bogies for Fn3 which stay in a reasonable pricing range. So during winter 2020, I […]

  • Winter Operation Session 2020

    Winter Operation Session 2020

    Last Saturday, an old friend of mine and I held a small operation session at his place. The weather was fabulous, we had high temperatures for february, around 14°C and lots of sunshine. It’s been a huge success: multiple trains running simultaneously, shunting, test drives, lots of talk on lots of topics. But most important: […]